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As anyone in the private events industry will tell you, the one thing that gives us the greatest pleasure is seeing our clients and their guests have the time of their lives. At present we can’t give that to them. For the future we need to find a way to make make this happen. When something as simple as this enjoyment is removed from our society, it is heartbreaking.

The private events sector of the Events Industry has been hit hard as the new COVID laws make it impossible for celebrations of life’s milestones to take place with a significant number of friends and family.

Sole traders, small business and limited companies within the private events sector have seen their work stripped away for the last 6 months and totally annihilated for the next 6 months. With existing clients cancelling functions, no current income, no income due, few enquiries for 2021 and overheads to meet, many of these businesses, small and large, will cease to exist, and soon.

Event industry professionals in this sector are facing a financial crisis and with no financial aid from the Government it faces collapse with businesses closing and individuals facing extreme debt and personal losses.

  • There is a strong need to retain active work among this sector.
  • There is a human need for people to celebrate milestones in these challenging times.

What can we do? There are safety measures that can be implemented to legally manage compliance of such events in a COVID secure environment

The BEIC, as united members of the private events sector incorporating UK event planners, DJ’s, production houses, caterers, entertainers and more, seek empowerment from the Government to be able to organise celebration events of a significant number within compliant guidelines.

With the Government’s endorsement and financial assistance, we ask for:

  • COVID guidelines and risk assessments that Event Planners can enforce in addition to the standard health & safety assessment.
  • Legal disclaimers and compliance documents to become standard between the Planner and the Client – underwritten by a legislative framework for local authorities to subsidise a COVID secure event management charge.
  • The power to execute private events and terminate a function if the Client or their guests don’t comply.

Are you with us?

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